Beyond Borders & Bedposts Issue #4 She's from Boston

The Quest for Connection, Success and Sex

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Me: “Are we going to have sex?”

Them: “Boy stop playin’, we’re just dancin’”

Me: “Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me”

I had just attempted a fairly lame proposal to my German girlfriend and had a week to think it over and decide if I still wanted to marry her.

The first night, I sat down with my roommate and we discussed this.

I asked him his thoughts, he said “I vote that you marry her, she’s hot”

I told him that being hot is not a good reason to marry someone and he agreed but still voted to do it anyway.

She was attractive, yes, she loved me and treated me better than any woman I’d ever known before. She was well organized, intelligent, and made a good living.

These were good signs.

On the other side of the coin, I would be going to North Carolina.

Singer James Taylor had a song “Carolina in My Mind” which made it sound pretty good.

My brother was also living in North Carolina and attending graduate school and he said it was very nice and was overrun with beautiful women.

The first 3 days of thinking about this, I was determined to marry her.

After all, this is what I always wanted right?

A good woman by my side, who loves me and we take on the world together.

The second half of the week I was thinking, well, North Carolina is supposed to have a bunch of beautiful women. I should be able to easily find another one just as good as this one and I won’t be under any pressure to marry, I can just chill and go with the flow.

What should I do?

Tuesday came and it was time for the big decision.

I made the call.

Her: Hi! So what’d you decide?

Me: You should have said yes last week. Now that I’ve thought about it, I don’t feel like getting married. So, I guess our relationship is over. I’m sorry.

Her: I don’t even know what to say…

Me: Nothing left to say. I wish you the best in your life. Be well. Goodbye.

And I hung up the phone.

Yes, looking back on it now, it seems a bit cold

However, that one phone call gave me a brand new life.

North Carolina, the land of tobacco and women was on its way, and surely I would be able to have my fill!

Let’s fast forward to my arrival at the base in North Carolina.

People who joined the other branches of the military always say that the Air Force has plush, comfortable living conditions. Was that correct?

YES! Of course, it was.

I moved into a beautiful apartment on base, with no roommate and all the luxuries of home.

It was great!

Checked into my new squadron and all was well and good, plus there were A LOT of cute girls around.

One memory that stands out is that after hours, a couple of lovely black girls who lived in a building close by, were going out to pick up some sandwiches for dinner, they were dressed in little shorts and tank tops.

They asked if I would like to come along. Yes, yes I would.

On the drive, about a mile down the road, a song came on the radio, it was Juvenile “Back That Azz Up”.

Juvenile “Back That Azz Up”

The girl driving turned the song up, pulled the car over to the side of the road, and both girls got out and started dancing around the car like a couple of strippers.

I thought “I’m confused, what’s happening? Is this the best day of my life?”

Cars drove around us and honked their horns, some probably out of approval, and some because they probably didn’t approve.

I approved.

When the song ended, they both got back in the car and we drove on like nothing happened.

I figured it was a good conversation starter

Me: “Are we going to have sex?”

Them: “Boy stop playin’, we’re just dancin’”

Me: “Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me”

I didn’t end up having sex with either of those girls. Not for lack of trying.

Back at the squadron, I checked my email.

I had a message from the German.

She said she had been researching North Carolina and it didn’t seem bad at all.

And if I was ok with it, we would not have to get married, she would get an apartment up the street from the base and we would continue our relationship and just see how it goes.

I replied “No thank you, I wish you well in your life”

And I never heard from her again.

I followed her band online for a few years after that until they changed the lead singer and I lost her to the wind.

In hindsight, I should have married her or at least had her come to North Carolina and try things out.

I asked my dad “How do you know who to marry?”

He said “There comes a time in your life when you feel like getting married, and whoever you happen to be dating at the time, that’s who you marry”

Turns out, that’s horrible advice, but it seems to be true for almost everyone I’ve ever known.

In this situation, I didn’t feel like being married, but I had a very solid connection with her. I would say she was the most compatible girl I have dated in my whole life (not including the girl I’m currently dating of course).

I let the German go because I didn’t know what I had. My blessing had come too early in my life. I thought there were a million other girls just like her waiting for me in North Carolina. I didn’t know any better at the time.

The German would be the girl who set the standard for all other girls I would meet in my life from that point on.

Back to our story…

First order of business, I purchased a bar for my apartment and got it fully stocked with booze.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I would host a happy hour at my place where girls drink free and guys are by invitation only.

It was surprisingly popular.

The girls would rotate through to pregame before they went out for the evening and guys always wanted to come hang out to be able to chat up the girls.

I would create custom drinks named after each girl and they naturally loved that.

My place was the place to be, and there were always beautiful girls lounging around.

My building had some gorgeous women in it, one of which was my next-door neighbor.

She was a very sweet black girl whom all the guys wanted, and as it turned out, she wanted ME.

How do I know?

She made it VERY clear.

I expressed to her that I don’t sleep with my next-door neighbors because then they would be all up in my business every day and that is unacceptable.

She still tried, but I never gave in to her advances even though all the guys thought I was crazy.

Sometimes I think about her.

And I hope she is doing well.

There was a super hot black girl downstairs who asked me to help her study for a test. Since I was known for knowing stuff, it made sense. I arrived at her apartment and she had the shortest skirt and smallest top on.

Looking like a model, she welcomed me inside and lay on her bed.

There were no books or study materials around.

I was carrying notebooks and stuff like a nerd.

I said “OH! So, wait a minute…did you want me to help you study or….?”

She said, “Is that what you want?”

I was silent.

She got up, went to the bathroom, and came out a few minutes later in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, fully covered.

Me: “This is much worse”

Her: “We can study now”

Me: “I’m going to leave”

And I left.

What were my thoughts at the time?

“I can’t believe I fucked that up!”

Don’t worry my dear reader, she’ll show up again later in the story.

So, I’m just sitting around, enjoying my new life in the Air Force.

It was amazing, I was so happy I didn’t get myself kicked out.

I was having the time of my life!

Imagine going to work every day in a job you love and all the people you work with every day are great friends.

I would get up an hour early in the morning excited to get to work and I would stay an hour or more after because we would all hang out and Bar B Que and have beers.

It was great!

One quiet Sunday afternoon, a girl from Boston moved into my building.

She and another girl from Boston had just in-processed.

Both decent-looking, brunette, Irish girls, one skinny and the other average.

They had very strong Massachusetts accents, it was cute.

And because people from Boston are so interesting.

My friend Jay (not his actual name) and I decided to take them out to dinner.

During the car ride to dinner:

Jay: "Do you girls like massages? We give good massages"

Boston girl #1: "Sounds like you're trying to have sex with us"

Me: "A massage and sex are two entirely different things"

Boston girl #2: "That's what they all say"

Me: "I'm sure nobody says that”

Dinner was nice and uneventful.

Boston girl #1 moved in 3 doors down from me.

We will be revisiting her later in the story.

Boston girl #2 (The skinny one) leaves our story at this point, unfortunately. I would have liked to have gotten to know her better.

A few days later, my friend Jay and I were in front of a co-worker’s apartment, we’ll call him “Deon” (not his real name) having some beers with him.

A thin, okay-looking black girl walked up and announced that she would be leaving in the morning to be stationed at a base in Korea, but tonight, she was looking for a good time and asked if we had any vodka.

Well, of course, being the gentleman that I am, I excused myself and returned shortly with vodka.

She started drinking, and once again said she was going to make sure she had a good time tonight.

Deon: “I’m here to help. Let me know what you need”

Me: I too am offering my assistance, even if it means we have to help you together”

Jay: “I don’t want any part of this. I’m going to McDonald's to get a shake”

So, Jay left, and now it was Deon, myself, and the girl.

The girl had a couple more shots of vodka and we sat patiently to see what would happen next.

Here’s what happened next.

She thanked us for the vodka.

Walked out, and went directly to the apartment above us.

Knocked on the door of that apartment.

When that guy answered, she went inside and gave that guy a blowjob.

Afterward, the guy came down and told us about it.

I said to Deon “Well of all the ways the evening might have gone, I didn’t think it would end like that”

He said “That was some bullshit”

Yep, but at least we weren’t bored.

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